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Government Of Assam Higher Education Rashtriya Uchchattar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA)

Best Practices

Best Practices of the Department HE and RUSA
in the State of Assam

The state of Assam is committed to pursue the reform agenda in the field of Higher Education. Quite a few of initiatives has been undertaken to promote equity, access and quality in higher education across the state. While some of them are continuation of earlier initiatives others been introduced in the year 2016-17.

Reform on access

  1. Fee Waiver Scheme:

Assam has introduced is a Fee Waiver scheme for economically disadvantaged students. Dr. HimantaBiswaSarma, hon’ble Minister of Education, Govt. of Assam announced on 4th June 2016 that all provincialized as well as government colleges of the state shallnot charge any fees, viz. admission fees, tuition fees and other miscellaneous fees  from  students whose parental income is below Rs 1 lakh per annum. This fee waiver scheme covers, among others students seeking admission in the UG first year.

The salient features of the scheme are:

  1. If the parents work either in State or Central Government jobs then their monthly salary slip will have to be produced while taking admission in colleges.
  2. If they are working in private organization then the salary slip from employer indicating that their salary is not above Rs 1 .00 lakh only.
  3. If they are not working either in Govt or in any private institution or organization, then the certificate from the circle officer or mouzader will be considered.
  4. In addition to the above three conditions if the principal and the admission committee in their wisdom feel that the income of a particular student is below Rs 1.00 lakh, then also concerned Principal can give free admission to these students.
  5. The Scheme covers PWD students without any consideration for parental income.

The scheme has benefited 1.38 Lakh students last year (2016-17). The Government has reimbursed nearly Rs. 44 crore to the colleges to make up for monetary loss on account of the fee waiver scheme.

Bidya Lakshmi Scheme (Subsidised Higher Education loans for Government employees):

The Government of Assam on 2nd March 2017 has signed anMoU with the State Bank of India to provide Educational loans for higher studies to children of State Government employees at a subsidised interest rate of 4%.  Under the scheme, the ceiling on the loan is pegged at Rs. 10 lakh and the loan will not require any collateral security. The loan amount will be directly released to the institutions. The repayment period is maximum fifteen years. The Budget provision for the scheme in the year 2017-18 is Rs 20000.00 lakh.

Courses/institutions approved by the Government, UGC and AICTE anywhere in India and premier institutions of Assam will be covered under the Scheme.

Establishment of new educational institutions in educationally backward districts of the 

The Government of Assam has taken effective steps to launch 5 of the New Model Degree Colleges out of 12 approved for the states. These 5 new MDCs are:

1. Government Model Degree College, Dalgaon, Darrang

2. Government Model Degree College, Amjonga, Goalpara

3. Government Model Degree College, Eraligool, Karimganj

4. Government Model Degree College, Bihali, Sonitpur

5. Government Model Degree College, Tulungia, Bongaigaon


Government Model Degree College, dalgoan

Reform on affiliation:

In order to reduce the affiliation burden of Gauhati and Dibrugarh  University, the state Government has proposed to develop three more universities by upgrading the existing colleges at Barpeta, Bihpuria and Hojai.          

    • ShriShriBhattadev University, Barpeta
    • ShreemantaMadhavDev University, Bihpuria
    • Kabi Guru RabindraNath Tagore University, Hojai

The Government has approved an expenditure of Rs. 100 crore during the current year.

Moreover, two new Universities are also coming up in the private sector.

    • Krishnaguru University
    • Amity University

The Private Universities will provide avenues for a large number of nonconventional courses for the students of the state.

Reform on accreditation

At the time of submission of SHEP on 10th December, 2014 in the 5th PAB meeting of the RUSA in New Delhi, only 43 colleges of the state had valid NAAC accreditation.

The Higher Education Department of the state has directed the HEI of the state to expedite the accreditation process.

The accreditation position has shown marked improvement. As on 28th March, 2017 122 colleges of the state have attained accreditation from the NAAC. One state and two private universities have valid NAAC accreditation.  About 60 colleges have submitted LoI for accreditation.

NAAC accreditation grades of colleges of the state(as on 28thMarch, 2017)

On Equity

Under the Equity Component of RUSA

  1. Fund for 12 language laboratories has been sanctioned.
  2. 12 numbers of institutions has been funded for finishing schools.
  3. Disable friendly ambience has been proposed to be created at 5 HEIs.
  4. Transport facilities are being provided forPwD andgirl students in two districts as pilot project .